We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so at Pòrtic we work alongside the best manufacturers in search of the latest technologies and materials to be able to offer a selection of the best quality mattresses.

To achieve a deep and refreshing sleep, there are many factors that you should bear in mind. Each person has to chose their mattress according to their preferences and morphology.

Our line of mattresses according to materials are divided into:

Multipro pocket sprung
With perimeter reinforcement and sleeper independence, in this product line we find 3 products that differentiate the range:

Made from natural materials such as Cotton, Wool, Silk and Soy.
Comprising Multipro Titanium mattresses, pocket sprung in 7 zones or with progressive honeycomb springs.
With a pocket sprung core available in parallel with medium-high firmness.

Profiled cores
Rest line which improves sleep thanks to profiled layers and fabrics designed for ergonomic gain and maximum comfort.

We use the highest quality raw materials,
chosen by experts in the sector, following optimum quality control.
Our products are manufactured in Spain by mattress artisans,
using the most advanced technology on the market in our facilities,
always remaining committed to the full satisfaction of our customers.

This natural material is used to make threads and yarns that are woven and dyed to form fabrics, which are then cut and sewn to form garments. Cotton has unique properties in terms of durability, strength and absorption.

Wools is a natural fibre that is obtained principally from sheep but also from goats. It is used in the textile industry to make an abundance of products. This material is used because it maintains body heat due to the nature of the material’s fibre.

Silk is a natural fibre made up of proteins. Fabrics made with this fibre are also known as silk. This material is used because of its softness, thermal comfort and pleasant touch.

Soy is a species of the legume family grown for its seeds,
that have a medium oil content and are high in protein.
The oil from soy provides a very soft cellular structure, which is breathable,
highly durable and sustainable.


Technological raw materials
We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality in our product. Choosing the best synthetic raw materials and processing them in the best way possible is fundamental for the manufacturing of mattresses that provide optimum rest and at the same time guarantee durability and strength. At Essenzia, we comply with all of the current regulations for the manufacturing of a high range product, using materials with different properties and always adapting to your requirements.

The new patented MemoryDry technology enables us to
obtain an optimum and constant rest thanks to the new generation of visco-elastic
polyurethane developed by our research department.
MemoryDry regulates our temperature during rest, keeping it constant and continuously adapting to our body’s vital temperature.
This means a dry, consistent and healthy rest.
The physio-mechanical properties obtained from visco-elastic polyurethane enable
an open molecular structure to be generated which creates notable breathability
and a constant exchange of the humidity of our mattress, thereby maintaining
excellent temperature levels when we are asleep.

The Memorydry foam has the capacity to maintain a
consistent temperature, preventing overheating at pressure points.
Other foams store the heat from our body and prevent transpiration which
becomes bothersome and constantly interrupts our sleep.



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Muebles y decoración en Mallorca



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