Who doesn’t want a good sofa? Ultimately, the sofa is one of the biggest home investments. It is one of the places where people spend most time in their homes, and among daily jobs and stress, sitting on the sofa when you get home after a long day can be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Knowing all of this…..what are you waiting for? Get your dream sofa at Pòrtic Mobles.
We have a wide range of sofas, chaise longues and armchairs of all types to complete your home, along with different materials and colours so you can find the one that best suits the style of your living room or whichever room you want to place it in. Whatever your style, we will find something for you – from modern sofas for those looking for a fresher and more minimalist look to leather sofas for the more classical and traditional.

Buy a sofa in Mallorca

At Pòrtic Mobles we know that one of the fundamental parts of the home is the living room. How do we know that? Because the living room is where the sofa is, the place in the home where we spend most time if we don’t count the time we are asleep in bed. Consequently, at Pòrtic Mobles we know that choosing a good sofa is essential in order to create a proper home and to enjoy your free time at home to the maximum.

We bear in mind that each home and each family are different, so they will need furniture that matches their day-to-day needs. At Pòrtic mobles we offer the best solutions for everyone. For those who don’t have very large rooms, we have sofa beds and corner sofas that are perfect for small rooms or to create versatile spaces that serve more than one function in the home, or extra-relaxing sofas for those who think that comfort is an absolute necessity. For homes with small children, we also offer anti-stain fabrics and materials with aquaclean technology that will enable little ones to enjoy the furniture in the home without worrying about damaging or dirtying it. As you can see, for our company it is essential to offer solutions for all types of requirements and we are careful to understand our clients’ lifestyles, in order to offer them the best service and the highest quality.

On our website, you can find a wide variety of types of sofas: Corner sofas, Chaise longues, Leather Sofas, extra-relaxing sofas, anti-stain fabrics, Aquaclean… whatever type of sofa you are looking for, at Pòrtic Mobles we have the ideal sofa for your living room. At Pòrtic Mobles, buying sofas in Mallorca is simpler. Leave it in our hands.



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Muebles y decoración en Mallorca



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