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It is said that children learn and are educated not just by what we convey to them as adults, but also by the perception they have of their environment. Consequently, the furniture, accessories and décor of your child’s bedroom is fundamental for the well-being of the younger members of the house. Whatever the child’s age, at Pòrtic Mobles we have the appropriate furniture to also reflect their style and boost their creativity. A place where they feel good and feel they can be themselves.

At Pòrtic Mobles, we have a wealth of options to make kids’ rooms their favourite place in the house and, most importantly, ensure their room is a place of rest for them and somewhere they can recharge their batteries to face all the challenges that await them every day. Children’s rest is essential for their growth, so it is important that they have the best furniture to feel comfortable. In our store, as well as bedside tables and other types of kids’ and teenagers’ bedroom furniture, you will find all types of beds and bunk beds. We have, among other things, trundle beds, train beds, beds with drawers and all types of compact furniture which, as well as sleeping in, enable children to store their favourite belongings in a safe place.

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Babies, children, teenagers… the age doesn’t matter. Feeling good – in surroundings that make them feel comfortable, that inspire them and that match their personality – is essential for the development of any young person’s personality. That’s why at Pòrtic Mobles we have a wide range of kids’ furniture in Mallorca, so that finding the style that makes your children feel good is simple and so that whatever you are looking for, you find it here at Pòrtic Mobles.

Buying a kids’ bedroom in Mallorca has never been so easy. Take a look at our design ideas, and choose the one that best suits your children and enables them to feel good at home. Doing homework, playing, sleeping… It’s the place in the home where children spend most of their time and where they will experience most of their youth. At Pòrtic Mobles, we want to ensure they do it in comfort with a unique kids’ bedroom.



Muebles y decoración en Mallorca


Muebles y decoración en Mallorca



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