The bedroom is the sanctuary of the home. In other words, the place where we spend our hours of rest – possibly the most important hours of the day, in order to wake up the next day feeling energised. Finding the style you want for your bedroom is one of our objectives, because bedroom furniture reflects home-owners’ personality and essence. Finding the perfect décor for this room, in which you are at ease and you feel good, is an essential factor so you can rest and enjoy your hours in this room.

We know that the bedroom is a very personal space and that special attention should be paid to it from a decorative point of view. Bedroom furniture should be perfectly functional and adapted to the space, creating a relaxed environment and ensuring a better rest. That’s why we have everything you need to make your room a small sanctuary. Get a minimalist room with the more basic furniture such as beds, bedside tables and wardrobes, or add your own personal touch with upholstered beds, chiffoniers or chests of drawers to make maximum use of the space and obtain numerous storage options in the same room. We will help you to design the space of your dreams and choose the items that will look best in your bedroom.

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The bedroom is the place of rest in the home. It is the room where we start and end the day. The place where we begin a new day and where we recharge our batteries to face the next. That’s why, at Pòrtic Mobles, we want you to have the bedroom of your dreams – so you feel comfortable, so you feel good and so you can rest knowing that you are in pleasant surroundings that meet your needs, tastes and interests.

Your bedroom’s décor is another fundamental element when it comes to choosing the furniture for your bedroom. Our environment is, to a large extent, fundamental in enabling us to fall asleep easily, to feel good, calm and at ease with ourselves. Come to Pòrtic Mobles and ask us about our bedroom furniture in Mallorca and the décor and accessories for this room in the home.



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Muebles y decoración en Mallorca