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Because the personality of the home isn’t just dictated by the style of furniture, but also by the way it is accessorised and decorated. At Pòrtic Mobles we are aware of this and that’s why we place as much importance on home furniture as on accessories and decoration. In our store you will find a wide range of accessories such as pictures, rugs and other décor items so that, whatever the essence of your home, you can give it a unique and personal style that truly reflects what you feel, what you want to show people and, above all, what you want for yourself.

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Accessories for the living room, bedroom, terrace or garden… Whatever the area of the home that you need to accessorise or decorate, at Pòrtic Mobles, we have a large selection of accessories to adapt your home décor to your taste so you feel like you have everything you need at home. Everything you need for any room in your home, at Pòrtic Mobles you will be able to buy home accessories in Mallorca. Once you have all of the basic furniture for your home, don’t forget to add items such as special lamps, curtains of different colours and patterns, and mirrors and other items on the walls, to add personality and your own style to each room. In addition, you should know that good home décor isn’t just achieved with small and non-essential items, you can also achieve a pretty and attractive finish by adding larger pieces of furniture such as desks or hallway tables, which convey your personal style.

Take a look at our website and our catalogue and come to visit us. Our experts are bound to be able to help you to decorate your home more easily than you imagine and whatever accessory you are trying to find for your home, at Pòrtic Mobles you will find it. Your furniture store in Mallorca.



Muebles y decoración en Mallorca


Muebles y decoración en Mallorca



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