Beds and mattresses in Mallorca to make you dream again

Much more than just furniture

We have completely transformed our rest section so that you can dream again. We invite you to discover a world of comfort and style that will change the way you experience your nights. At Pòrtic Mobles, we don’t just sell furniture; we give you the opportunity to transform your sleeping space into a haven of tranquillity.

Take advantage of our special prices and dream again as you deserve.

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With our wide range of mattresses you can choose from the firmest models for exceptional support to those designed to cuddle you softly.

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Explore our exclusive range of beds: from the most minimalist beds to the warmest beds made from natural materials or the most elegant and sophisticated fabrics. Designed to complement your style and ensure the highest quality sleep.


Storage Beds

Make the most of every corner of your bedroom with our storage beds. Get extra storage without compromising on aesthetics, allowing you to enjoy an organised and cosy space.

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Discover the perfect base for your rest. In our bed bases section, we offer a carefully selected range of frames designed to provide the ideal support for your mattress. Explore our range and take your sleep experience to the next level with our high quality bed bases.


Sofa beds

Opt for versatility without sacrificing style or comfort with the sofa beds in our shop in Mallorca. Because sleeping on the sofa can also make you dream.

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Youth bedrooms

For young dreamers, we have created bedrooms that grow with their personality. From versatile bunk beds to functional desks, our youth collection combines style and functionality to suit all stages of their life.

Renew your rest and dream again with Pòrtic Mobles!

At Pòrtic Mobles, we believe that rest is an art, and every product in our renewed rest section, with the best mattresses in Mallorca, is designed to inspire your dreams. Discover how our furniture can transform your space and bring magic back to your nights.



Muebles y decoración en Mallorca


Muebles y decoración en Mallorca



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