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With more than 20 years of experience and working with leading designers and contemporary manufacturers, we furnish spaces for your home, patio and garden, restaurant, office, hotel and more.

We are your one-stop shop, helping you find different furniture, exclusive pieces and even custom-made products.

Extensive product catalog

Exceptional selection

We select products from the top European brands. We offer everything from well-known pieces by top brands to distinctive, locally produced artisanal products.

Architects and interior designers

We help architects and interior designers find and select furniture and decoration for their projects. We handle everything with the various suppliers, coordinate deadlines and follow up.

We also offer comprehensive turnkey projects.

Every place is unique. Just like the atmosphere you want to give it.

With the help of leading designers and contemporary manufacturers, we help you find the pieces you need for each and every space in your home.

From product selection to installation, we assist you all throughout the process.

Office interior design should contribute to employees’ well-being and help foster an environment conducive to motivation and performance.

We work very closely with architects and interior designers. We use our knowledge and understanding of office spaces to adapt them to the priorities, specific characteristics and limitations of the project.

From product selection to installation, decision-makers will have our support in optimizing the service, budget and timelines.

Just as with restaurants, we work with designers to come up with differentiated interiors for each part of the hotel—from the reception areas to the lounges, sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, spas and gardens—to achieve a perfect balance between the style of the building, the design of the architect and the needs of the customer.

We use our experience to help you with all types of restaurant projects.

Whether it is for a company dining room, a restaurant lounge, a reception area, a private facility, a café or a bar, we will offer a tailored response to your needs with a wide range of meticulously selected products, brands and exclusive solutions backed by many years of experience in this field.

One-stop shop

We are your one-stop shop over the whole life of the project, from searching for and selecting the products to final installation.

Furniture search

We help you find furniture from top brands and designers, ranging from well-known pieces to distinctive or even custom-made products.

Supplier coordination

We manage the orders, coordinate delivery schedules and monitor all suppliers involved in the project.

Tell us about your project

If you are working on a project and need furniture and decoration, let us know and let’s talk it over.